Gender equity is a major issue in the workplace, and it’s time that we take some steps to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity. The public sector (government agencies) are one of the most influential forces for change regarding gender equality, so let’s talk about how they can start taking action by implementing these ways.

1. Hire More Female Employees

If you’re trying to make a difference, what better way than hiring more women? Not only will this help increase the number of females in leadership positions, but it’ll also remove unconscious bias and begin changing people’s perceptions. The public sector is already doing great work on this front – over half of all new hires are women. But while things may be improving, the government is still lagging behind when it comes to getting females into executive leadership positions. Only one in four executives are female – which means that they’re underrepresented by 75%. It’s time to make some big changes on this front if we want more gender equity.

2. Create a Mentorship Program

In order to make sure that women have the support they need in leadership roles, it’s important to work with them from day one. That means providing access to mentors who can help guide and support female employees throughout their careers. In addition, mentoring programs also benefit men – which is great for everyone. Mentoring programs can also be a great way for women to learn about opportunities that they may not know exist. A lot of the time, many females in leadership positions feel like they’re isolated and don’t know where else to look if they want to switch jobs or climb up the ladder.

3. Provide More Flexible Options

A lot of the time, women are more likely to take advantage of flexible work options. They’re also less likely to ask for them because they worry that it’ll impact their chances of getting a promotion or being taken seriously in the workplace – which is another reason they need mentors! Flexible working hours and locations also help companies keep talented women who are mothers. After all, many moms find it challenging to climb the career ladder because they have to juggle being a mom and working full time – which is why flexible working arrangements can be so beneficial for everyone!