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The very idea of gender has been under scrutiny for several years, and the limits are constantly being tested. Divisions continue to create strife and confusion surrounding gender equity issues. Trans and fluid individuals often have the most difficulty getting a positive response from employers, peers, and society generally.


Gender and Identity

It is important to make a clear distinction between important terms relative to this concept. Gender itself is a commonly used label to identify the established sex of an individual, as determined at birth. This long-standing tradition has been effectively challenged as gender identity has become an accepted choice among individuals.

The ability to choose personal preferences in life is the inherent right of every individual. This preference has come under great scrutiny and the controversy continues to grow, especially around the trans and fluid community. We need only look to history to find amicable ways to incorporate diversity and equity among all gender groups.


Suffrage Movement

When women demanded the right to vote in the United States, the country was already in turmoil. In much the same way as the Civil Rights movement started as a murmur and soon became a battle cry, women began to speak up in waves. Thanks to social media and other technological advances, proclaiming the need for inclusivity among gender rights has quickly gained traction.

Proponents of the movement call for education and personal affiliation with the gender rights battle. Simple acts of kindness and equity include allowing the use of personal pronouns in email signature in the workplace. Inclusive businesses may offer a third restroom option for fluid individuals or remove other gender restrictive materials from their premises.

Women and minority efforts have largely paved the way for the movement of the century. We have learned how to address groups and write training manuals without using harsh or potentially offensive language. There is still a matter of uneducated or unyielding groups opposing progress in this arena.

However, the growing majority of the population supports gender equity and respects those outside the traditional binary groups. As time allows for more people to have a personal experience with trans and fluid individuals, the mindset will gradually move toward a progressive and inclusive state.